Hosting your static site using Azure DevOps and Blob Storage

December 29, 2019

Been putting off rebooting the blog for quite some time. Renewing this domain for the third consecutive year without anything on it finaly gave me the push I needed to do something about it.

What better first post than one explaining how the site is hosted. As my recent experience with Elanco has been with Azure, it makes sense to build and host this site on there. I plan on using the following services from Azure.

Azure DevOps

Will pull the site code from GitHub, run gatsby build and then send the output to Blob storage.

Blob Storage

Holds the static site files and allows acess to them from the a the internet.

Content Delivery Network

Adds a super fast content delivery backend but most importantly allows me to connect my personal domain to the site.


This post assumes that you have access to Azure, Azure DevOps and have created a Gatsby (or similar) site sitting in GitHub.

Azure Setup

DevOps Pipeline

Samuel Stenton

Written by Samuel Stenton who works for as a Cloud Engineer for Elanco Animal Health. You should follow him on Twitter and checkout his GitHub.