Something new and different

June 04, 2021

This post marks one month into my new Engineering role.

After spending 2 years with Elanco as a Cloud Engineer, and before that with their old parent company Eli Lilly, I decided it was time to look for something new.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself at Elanco, I’ve learnt an incredible amount and have definitly grown as a professional. Experiencing a divestiture and a large acquisition concurrently has been an amazing experience, one I don’t expect to see in my career again. Added to that I was surrounded by some incredible people, I will miss them.

My new role takes me into a completely different sector, I’ll still be an Engineer, but working for a just-out-of-startup-phase consultancy in defence. I’ll contine working closly in and around Azure but with the added challange of hybrid and edge solutions thrown into the mix.

Written by Samuel Stenton who is an Engineer for a defence consultancy. You should say hey on LinkedIn, follow on Twitter and checkout his GitHub.